Friday, 26 June 2015

Adventures with Frank

Over the last week I've been venturing out on the bike with Frank in his Cougar Chariot trailer. We got it second hand off ebay, it was a well used beast, but still with plenty of life left in it for us.  It took little time to set up after it arrived dismantled through the post and it's been fantastic for its use so far.

A couple of trips to the swimming baths, a club ride (family friendly section) along the canal & a picnic to the park all were spot on. Frank was just over 14 weeks old on his first venture and fell asleep quickly.

Since then he's both slept well and been interested in the world passing by whilst in his trailer. Our rides have been between 5 & 17 miles in total with stops on the longer rides.

The trailer is very light weight, although where we live is considerably hilly and on the ups it's certainly slower, although on flatter terrain you don't know you're hauling anything behind you. Storage space is spot on for baby gear, d-locks & picnics.
We love it!!!

But I have invested in a Yepp mini front seat for when Frank can sit up on his own to enjoy narrower paths.  I'm looking forward to longer adventures with skinnier tyres and more varied terrain, which may be beneficial for commutes and dropping Frank off at the childminders (depending on how the work restructure goes - I may or may not have a job to go back to, but trying not to let that thought spoil my time off with Frank).

I think the cargo bike project might be off for now and we'll see how the trailer & seat go for now.

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  1. thanks for the info on the Cougar chariot, I've passed it on to my daughter. Frank looks as if he's going to be a tall guy.