Monday, 26 September 2016

Life & Cycles

Having a toddler isn't conducive to blogging or freedom on the tops so much. I have had some wonderful cycling moments in the last few months, but they're fewer & further between, and the monthly club ride I lead is pretty much it in terms of adventure. My commute is down from 30 miles per day to just 6 and yes my cycling fitness has deteriorated but not to the point where I can't enjoy full days out on the hills.

Last week I had my bike burgled from home, but happily the wonderful network of cyclists I know worked their magic and I had a replacement ready for the club ride.
My weekend consisted of a test ride home then a full day out yesterday - a rare 50 mile weekend - much of which on Pennine bridleways.

Blustery autumn
Whips everything 'round.
A grin ear to ear

My playground moorland

Racing from downpours
Rainbow to rainbow