Thursday, 3 September 2015

Easing back into work

I'll be back at work full swing in a couple of weeks. Up til then I'm using some 'keep in touch' days to get back into the routine. I managed to arrange childcare to enjoy my trusty off road commute recently. It's probably a year since I was last up on that moor & it felt so good to be riding it again... and hoping that fracking doesn't come here & ruin the place forever.

I've heard some off road cyclists comment that they think its better than all those pesky windfarms... since the wells require underground infrastructure, wells moving from place to place, trucks coming & going dozens per day & hazardous waste water containment areas, I certainly think those pesky windfarms are preferable.

I've also enjoyed some fun cycling too. Some club members were riding the Leeds Liverpool in its entirety. I joined them for a short section of it; Greenberfield to Gargrave. After leaving the towpath I took the hilly route home via Broughton, Elslack & eventually found a section of the Pennine Bridleway to Wycoller that I'd not done before- lovely, but far too many gates to stop for... in some cases, they were completely unnecessary. I always forget what a long pull up it is from Gargrave to the tops and even though Wycoller is less than 45mins riding time to home, I had to stop to get some food- I was feeling it!

And I've also ridden Darwen's Winter Hill down to Brindle & a loop round the Fylde before the annual illuminations cycle in the last week... alas I left my camera at my cousin's in Somerset, so don't have any pictures to share.
But Mick did take some shots...

And September is another month full of cycling as its the South Pennine Walk & Ride festival, so I have another 8ish rides to lead this month plus maybe attending some others that club members are putting on. The prospect of mum duty, being back in work & cycling so much in September is a little intimidating & I think I've probably planned to stretch myself too far.

So perhaps I'll save my journey into hammock camping for another time...