Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Escapes of a small wheeled bicycle

Yes I'm still cycling, although no 30 mile daily commute anymore, which is significantly impacting my cycling fitness levels, but upping the general enjoyment when I'm out & about.
Mum duty is taking up much time and thus I've not really had opportunity to blog about rides etc recently, or even about parental cycling experiences.

I have recently splurged and this little delight is just that, delightful to ride and not what I was expecting. Other than off-road club rides & rides with the baby on board, this has been exclusively used for commuting and leisure rides of late. It is a sheer joy. Even the hills are ok with the large chainwheels - there's less wheel to get rolling so climbing is a different experience. I've done a longish day out too which was again, good fun. People often say small wheeled bikes are ok for round town, but I think I'd happily tour on this.

Where else have I been recently, well mostly adventures close to home:

And with the interesting weather we've been having this spring, it's certainly kept me on my toes... and given me chilblains from getting caught out from rapid weather changes!

It's not all been just pedalling either, I've donned the backpack and done some stomping to discover new local views I dont usually see from my wheeled exploits.