Thursday, 11 June 2015

Weets sunset ride

I've been meaning to ride up Weets for sunset for well over a year. Well last night I finally got round to it. Although the logistics of Stephen's work meetings and Deborah's shopping delivery meant we were a little later at the summit than I'd hoped for and we also cycled a bit faster than I'd have liked- so no nice golden photos for the ride out.

It's a nice 15 mile round trip. Perfect distance for an evening loop. And there are a number of route options to enjoy. We plumped for the smoothest off-road for speed. Back streets, a converted railway track, paved Route 68 through Alkincotes Park then lanes to the foot of the tarmac track to the summit.
If we'd had more time we could have gone for more lumpy off road all the way.


Sadly the pub was closed by the time we descended.  But we enjoyed some ambient light to watch all the bats zipping over the reservoir.

Probably my favourite aspect of evening riding is cycling alongside bats.  It's often the best view you can get of them; they're still quicker than you, but you get a good few extra seconds to admire them flapping along.

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  1. Such lovely pics. You'd love a walk in Sydney park (near the opera house) as the fruit bats are so huge and numerous and just seem to hang out there all day and all night!