Thursday, 2 July 2015

Exploring Bolton

Last weekend's family ride took in the Bolton Bury converted railway (not converted all the way alas so there was some fun negotiating the trailer before Elton Reservoir), the Bolton Bury canal & various farm tracks. An easy ride but uber slow - the trailer is great except for cobbles & hefty stones and there were stretches of both where I got off to push.
I don't get over to Bolton very often, but everytime I do, I always find great places to explore.
Moses Gate Country Park was lovely, although very busy in the sunshine.

The Sunday was a 30 mile club ride over Weets & round bits of the upper Ribble  Valley. It was a cracker, alas I didn't take the camera.  We ran out of time to do all the tracks I'd planned, but that means I have an easy route for another time in the bag.

And a new (old / second/third hand) steed has joined the stable. The Raleigh is no more & after some thought about a replacement do-it-all velo, I decided not to get a hybrid.  I now have an early 90s Kona with slighly slicker tyres & upright, swept back bars. Hopefully this will be the ticket when Frank's ready for the Yepp mini. And it fills that hole I had for a classy looking retro mtb.
Sadly it didnt come with the Brooks- I need to get a suitable replacement as the charge spoon looks out of place.


  1. I had a 1990 Kona Cindercone for years and toured all over with it. It was so comfy. When I built the Genesis I used the group set from the Kona and donated the leftovers to the local cycle co operative. So hopefully it will be regenerated. The only reason why I changed was because I needed discs and drops.

    1. This is a 1994 Fire. I was surprised how light it is! After hauling the trailer, I thought that as Frank gets heavier when he's in the seat, lower gears & centre of gravity might be better than hybrid bikes offer. If I decide to go down the disc route, this fork is available with disc mounts, so it would be easy to swap.
      I'm excited to be out on it tomorrow. Taking time out of maternity leave to go to a work's meal. It will be a good distance to make any adjustments to saddle & bars - about 20 miles.
      If your daughter has any questions about the trailer, just let me know :-) And Frank's Dad is tall so he might get lucky & not have my short pixie genes.