Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn Calling

Happily jet lag and still being out of sync with UK time means that I've been up and about pre-sunrise all weekend. And since I'm taking part in the coffeeneuring challenge what better reason to start peddling than to go get some bilberry pie for breakfast. The only place that serves a great bilberry pie and a coffee that I know of is in Walmesley, Bury so I set off for a 30 mile ride wrapped up well, knowing that the mist would be very cold.

It did not disappoint - jewels of mist crystalised on my eyelashes and by the time I got to my coffee / breakfast stop (40 minutes earlier than anticipated - probably due to peddling hard to keep warm, mixed with totally empty roads & my over enthusiasm for some pie) my bicycle was covered in damp.

After two coffees and an extended time warming my hands under the drier, I set off to join my favourite bit of the NCN6 and hoped that the heavy mist would start to clear so I could see the beautiful hills.

River Irwell at Ramsbottom
The pictures say more than I ever could in words about why mornings like these are my favourite. 

track between Irwell Vale & Holcombe
Musbury Torr

Leeds Liverpool canal
Coming back from holidays to weather like this certainly helps with the pain of knowing you're about to go back to work. Hopefully it will stay rain free for a little while, ideally I'd like my bday ride to be like this.


  1. Looks great, if fact it makes me wonder why you went to San Francisco at all :-)

  2. Great pix Georgie. Welcome back from San Fran to the real world.