Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The familiar loop

I missed the weekend's club ride on account of two overnight feeds. By the time I'd come round properly there wasn't the time to make a full day's adventure so I did the trusty old loop around Black Hameldon, Worsthone & Widdop Moors. 

I used to do this loop often when I lived at home with my mum (as opposed to home with the husband - mum's still feels like home). It's a very natural feeling 20-odd mile loop, it flows well, you dont have to think about navigating, so you can just enjoy the views as you glide along once you've climbed up to the tops.
Unless of course there's a headwind, which at some point will be the case; you don't build windfarms on moors like these without a good reason. 

I was passed by just about every cyclist out there too. But all the guys riding solo did look like they were out there to train rather than to admire the views.

It being May 10th, it was this year's Cyclofemme date, getting out & showing some lady cyclist solidarity was called for; skirt, but no heels today.  Maybe some ladies in cars passing might have thought 'huh, I dont need all that sporty gear, I might give it a try'.

Thursden Valley

Widdop Reservoir

Pendle Hill behind Briercliffe

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