Saturday, 30 May 2015

Route plotting

Yesterday & today were two days of walking with Frank in the pram round paths off main roads that I use to get home from Burnley and Nelson. Often when sitting in the car or on the bus, I see interesting looking roads and paths, well now I've had some proper exploring time and hope to try and stitch things together for a Rough-Stuff ride. Ideally I'll be out one day next week with the push-iron.

Yesterday I walked down to visit my best friend's mum. I aimed for getting there as much off the main road as possible. A couple of paths I had to turn back on since they got a bit too muddy, another one had a very big staircase and to get round would have meant a massive detour. An elderly lady walking a dog asked if I wanted a hand with the pram. I was reluctant to accept since Frank & pram are heavy and she looked well into her eighties, but she just grabbed onto the front end and started down the staircase. Frank thought this was hilarious. Next path was a lovely little secluded corner with beautiful cottages and gardens that felt like some secret passage straight from San Francisco. It was lovely... and narrow... and a tad overgrown. I mashed the pram wheels to & fro to make headway and again Frank started laughing his socks off at this.

Today's walk was back up home up the other side of the hill, from Pendle Village Mill. I discovered a way to cross the railway and I snaked up & down paths & tracks as we worked our way home.  We even managed to startled a wild deer down a wooded road to some fancy pants houses.
I had a breather (and Frank had a bottle) overlooking one of the nicest views I can think of around here.
It felt good to be out & about exploring new bits of my home turf & I'm looking forward to getting another local ride sussed out.

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  1. fancy pants houses.......... Brilliant! What a lovely little post that was.