Thursday, 9 April 2015

Oh the joy of a bike ride

Six weeks after my last ride, today I finally was back on the saddle. It was a tiny, easy canal ride with some walking at the end to meet up with the guys from my cycling club for lunch who were on their ride going up Weets Hill & Thornton Moor.
This stretch of canal is actually quite pretty, but I ride it so often, I realise that I've become blase` about it. Today I was reminded of how lovely it is, and I had that wonderful experience when you've not been able to enjoy your favourite past time for a while, that renewed excitement about every aspect you love of that thing.

Compared to most of my rides, today was a short, easy, pedestrian route, but having the sun on my back, the self-generated breeze on my skin and getting outside when the last few weeks have been mainly confined to a chair or settee, it was marvelous. And it reset my mood too. Tonight's mother duties felt much less tedious and had some joys to them, when lately I've been feeling like they're a millstone grinding my spirit down.

Bike rides make everything better!

And someone has done some serious growing over the last couple of weeks.

No wonder since he mostly does nothing but eat!


  1. Its nice to get back doing something just for yourself and gives you a break from motherhood. My daughter has just got back into running again and really appreciates it. Nice pictures of the lad.

  2. Lovely pictures of the little one.... Pleased to see you are enjoying a bike ride Georgie.....