Friday, 24 April 2015

Good morning bicycle, good morning world


Dawn chorus. Baby's fed
Short ride to catch the sunrise
It did not blossom


I'm back on the bicycle in full force... as much as I can be with a 7 week old. I've managed a whole 63 miles in the last fortnight. Wow. Unimpressive. But it's not about mileage targets, more the wind in my hair and enjoying the countryside. And trying to maintain some cardiovascular fitness since motherhood seems to mean I'm largely confined to a chair underneath a baby.

I ventured out with the ctc last week for the first time. About half way round I was starting to feel it, but then a road club ride is a different beast to a RSF ride or even a solo ride. My thighs and forearms have dwindled away somewhat which affected climbing the hills. But I didn't dismount and perseverance is the key. 

Since then I've just had very short rides of a handful of miles each since I can fit them in around feeding times and Stephen's working day most easily. Evening blasts and this morning's chilly ride to try and catch a good sunrise - turns out I was about 20mins early- as I got back into bed the sun did in fact bloom into a glowing fireball.

We managed a lovely walk to the pub for tea last weekend and Frank was very well behaved indeed.
He's starting to have a bit more time where he's happy to quietly take things in and do a bit of chatting to us. 
And we're getting plenty of lovely smiles now too. 

This weekend is due to consist of three more rides although the weather forecast is a bit bobbins, but these are rides to places (a meeting and a pub gig) and a club ride I'm leading, so back to cycling business as well as cycling pleasure. Time to reproof my rain gear and dub my boots. Pennine weather as usual.


  1. Great to see that you are getting back to the bike so quickly.....
    Let's hope that the 'bobbins' weather isn't too bad for you.....
    A great expression by the way, one that I'm not familiar with, so I just had to use it :-)

    1. It's a Lancashire term for rubbish. Some say its rhyming slang 'bobbins of cotton = rotten'. It's a word I use frequently (in place of swearing) which I'm single-handedly trying to bring into more common useage ;-) Not many people round here use it anymore, although its well understood in Rossendale (where I went to school).

      Looks like you're having a great time. Nice to see pictures from bits of the world that Ive not visited. Hope you're adjusting well.

  2. It looks like things are settling into a routine and you're already leading rides. Its amazing how quickly babies change. We travel to see our granddaughter, Mary, about once a week and the difference in her each time is noticable. Smiles are great and soon it will be laughter. Bobbins is new to me too.

  3. A belated Congratulations!

  4. wow georgie frank is a gorgeous little boy, congrats. makes me smile to read your updates you beautiful mum you ;-)