Monday, 3 March 2014

Cragg Vale fun coming up

If it's escaped your attention, Le Tour Grande Depart will be from Yorkshire this year. There is hundreds of years of history of rivalry between my home county of Lancashire with that of those tight fisted folk just over the border in Yorkshire, but my home town is right in border territory; so much so I'm often mistaken for having a Yorkshire accent. And who can begrudge a county when it is just so beautiful and created wonders like Yorkshire pudding and Yorkshire curd tart. So of course, I've volunteered my legs for some Yorkshire style grande depart fun. I will be joining a troupe of riders who will be hauling a grand piano up the longest continuous gradient in the whole of our fair land, Cragg Vale.
I'm ridiculously excited about it. 

February was a brilliant cycling month. Despite howling gales and plenty of wet stuff, I managed the highest mileage since last September and I didn't even take part in any audax rides! In fact, 80% of my Feb rides were purely commutes. I've been going a longer, less trafficy route a fair bit, which may account for the unexpected increase for such a little month.

Which meant when I led a toughish off road RSF ride last week, I still had plenty of off road hill climbing in my legs. Phew. Winter has not stifled my cycling fitness one bit :-D

Ian took some lovely pics on the ride. Thoroughly enjoyed the company.

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