Tuesday, 25 February 2014

When life gets busy

I dont stop riding, I just stop writing it seems.

Things are on the busy front at the moment. Finally the house buying is moving forward and we're in the throws of wedding planning and the associated stuff that goes with it. Plus work as usual.

The usual commutes are now happily getting more daylight filled, albeit still windy and damp. As have the rough stuff rides. Not so many photo ops when you're head down into the rain and just pedalling.

Rossendale. This is part of my daily commute - good for RSF rides too

But over the next few weeks posts will be picking up - one or two trips on the horizon that should bring plenty of lovely views with them.

And whilst winter is happening around the world, some other Bloggers are taking the opportunity to use it to interview other bloggers & hear about their worlds of cycling. Chasing Mailboxes & Suze Cycling have both been kind enough to share the riding here with their readers. These are two blogs I really enjoy reading & seeing pictures on- personally I love the whole Travel Journal aspect of reading about cycling around the world. And of course reaffirming just how important cake & caffeine is to cyclists everywhere!


  1. Treats, treats! I cycle for treats. Or is that I need to cycle because I eat treats? It's a vicious cycle (pun intended) but someone's got to do it... Same with caffeine.

    1. it's a chicken egg thing - once you're in the cycle, you're locked in haha.

  2. I'm preparing for my first night ride of the year, around the Isle of Wight. Most vivid image in my head right now is my end goal: large cappuccino on the pier before boarding the ferry home.

    Lovely to see your post come up on Blogger. Good luck with all the wedding plans!

    1. I love the IoW. Amazing cycling. Hope to visit again soon. The ferry home makes the trip feel extra special.
      Thanks for the well wishes. It's so far, not too stressful, but watch this space!