Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friday night post-work bike date

I've been meaning to head up to The Halo during the evening for a while now. It's a panopticon which lights up its tiny blue l.e.d.s every night to resemble a UFO that landed on a hill over Haslingden.  Last night we finally made it.

Working on the outskirts of Rossendale means you're never far from hills and bridleways, so after work S & I pedalled from one side of the valley to the other for a pub tea at The Whitchaff.

We followed the NCN6 before climbing a stoney track from Irwell Vale. As we stopped to take some photos, a mountain biker passed us with a big smile, a great track to be riding on, but possibly also amusement that I was in my work clothes tackling the off road - pencil dress & heels.

I knew the route back would involve some serious climbing, but still polished off a huge plate of enchilladas & wedges. I was very full. 

The approach to the Halo was pretty dramatic as we snaked up Cribden side.
Sadly the sunset wasnt up to as much as we'd hoped, but it was still great to be up there.

13.5 roller-coaster miles, which for an evening ride with dinner in between was just right. 

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