Thursday, 11 July 2013

Weekend wedding tour

Wow it is hot and sunny! I remember summers like this from my childhood (not that long ago, but I think many kids in primary school probably havent experienced much weather like this in their lives).

So far this month, my bike miles are more relaxed than last month. After getting back from Scotland, I realised I could maybe make my first ever monthly 500 miles, so I worked hard for my best ever monthly total and got to 520 miles for June. For someone who is an off roader at heart who works full time, I'm pleased with the total.

Last weekend was one of my best friend's wedding and we were stopping over. They couldnt have asked for better weather at all.
Panniers loaded up with our finery (too hot to ride in a glam dress), S & I rode the tandem off towards the Fylde coast.  Part of the route we knew well, but the rest was on lanes I'd never ventured on before. We used mostly Route 91 (the Lancashire cycleway) and route 62. Easy riding for us as there were few hills, but in this heat, that was welcome.

The highlight of the ride was seeing some bird of prey (maybe a buzzard) with a rabbit in its talons just afew feet from us. Spectacular. Sadly wasnt quick enough to get a photo.

We were the first to arrive, about ten mins ahead of the bride and bridesmaids - their hair done, but in their civilian clothes ;-)

The wedding photographer seemed pretty tickled at how we'd turned up and insisted on a photo despite us being a bit on the sweaty side.  

A beautiful day and evening, congratulations to Gemma and Barry.
Singleton Lodge was a lovely venue - I think that there were only wedding guests stopping over that night. The bed was fantastic, so I was well rested for the ride home. Breakfasting with my friends and other wedding guests was a lovely way to finish of the celebrations.

We headed back to the hills making a few stops to take photos and have lunch at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Preston - home made lemonade and fruit + nutella crepe :-)

A hot slog up the hill through Hoghton, but we made it back before the end of the tennis.

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