Sunday, 9 June 2013

Enjoying a relaxing weekend

Lovely commute home on a Friday night, zooming downhill and enjoying the views (takes just ten mins longer than driving the same route). Stephen had tea ready for me when I arrived at his.

We chilled out on saturday morn by the canal eating cake & drinking coffee whilst on a short bike ride

Getting glammed up for a wedding do, enjoying the journey over with your nearest & dearest was an ideal way to spend saturday afternoon. Lovely time together. Plus that great inner smile you get when people you pass are impressed you're cycling to a wedding do all dressed up.

The ride home was under starlight. As we braved the dark canal towpath, there was very little light pollution so I saw more stars than I've seen in years. Those lights flying overhead...not ufos, but geo-orbital satellites.
Since it's almost the longest day, to the north the clouds were glowing slightly and the dawn was breaking as we pedalled the last two miles to home. It was beautiful, but freezing cold.

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