Saturday, 8 December 2012


Brrrr it's getting cold. Having nasty Raynauld's has diminished my cycling miles for the last few weeks.  I'm trying ginko biloba out - apparently that helps extremity circulation - fingers crossed. Going to invest in some scuba neoprene socks too I think.
But I have managed some miles and have some lovely festive rides with the Rough Stuffers & a Christmas charity ride to keep me peddling up to Christmas.

We took the tandem out to Rivington to see how it coped on those big hills. We peddled up every one no problem at all. Very impressed indeed. Normally I'm off roading round that area, so it was nice to go a different route and find a lovely viewing area before the roller coaster descent.

After some snow this week, my cousin & I peddled out over the Pennines into Yorkshire for some lunch. Dramatic skies made for beautiful views. Thankfully the roads were all clear of ice so it was a carefree ride.
It was certainly colder over the border. After a wander round Hebden Bridge and a quick shop to try some beers brewed locally at Cragg Vale's Little Valley Brewery, we got the train home. I'll be sampling my IPA & Stephen will be trying the mild tomorrow.

Also started walking a bit more now it's cold - generates less breeze! ;-)

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  1. Whether you are on the bike or on foot it is great getting out in the outdoors...glad you enjoyed it.!!