Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ride Recon

After moving offices the other month, I've discovered some amazing views that I feel I should share with some of my fellow Rough Stuff riders.  So after some map deliberation, yesterday we set off to do an initial trail run of the route I'd mapped out.

I've never lead a group ride before, and I've realised that there are lots of things to take into consideration when inflicting your own riding plans on others. Usually it's just S & myself so if things are far too hard it doesn't matter so much.  I will be giving the ride some thinking over - some bits I wasn't happy with seem impossible to avoid to get to the really juicy bits.  I guess that's par for the course when planning a group ride tho. But S was very positive about the ride on the whole, so perhaps I shouldn't over think the problem bits.  I also still need to really think about the cafe stops. This is actually quite head scratchy. Especially when it's areas that are new to me too.

Clearly good bike riding territory!! Are you worried yet?
A whole geographical black spot has been filled in, in my head after the ride. Exploring new areas in my region is always exciting.
And we also found a fun bmx area in the middle of nowhere :-)

Winter Hill & Hoddleston Res in the distance

The firing range. Peel Tower up and Manchester below
The ride had a balanced amount of on & off road, and the off road bits were really good fun!

River Irwell. Giving my bike a breather

NCN6 in Rossendale

Musbury Tor

Helmshore Textiles Museum.  Well worth a visit too. Old & modern history of textiles in the North West

there was lots of colourful nature on this ride too

We did beat these rain clouds back home!!


  1. Some good photos, like the one with the bee, with regards leading rides, the first one you lead is the hardest then gets easier the more you do, its a bit of art to it but don't over plan the ride, go with the weather conditions, who turn up at the start of the ride, be prepare cut parts of ride due to time or weather conditions.

    I usually start the ride from inside cafe, so gives everyone gets chance to chat and catch up.

    Also ride the route a few days before you lead the ride, so that you don't need to look at the map when you leading the ride.

    Once you led your first club ride, you will planing next!

    with regards


    1. Hi Simeon,
      Thanks for the tips. The cafe stops are the things I'm really struggling with at the mo, but I'm sure I'll get that sorted out on the next ride of the route.
      I'm pretty good with remembering directions once I ridden a route once which is a big plus!!

      I do have some busy weekends coming up tho, so there may be a good few weeks before I get to lead my first ride.

      Best wishes, Georgie

  2. I didn't know you could get a pink pannier rack, I now NEED one!

    1. It looks cool, but honestly the thing ways a ton!! But I just think - all that extra weight is a better work out for my hill climbing legs surely...
      Got it off ebay :-) and it matches the pink flashes on my bike & my pac-a-mac perfectly lol