Monday, 2 July 2012

Puddle Peddling

Pennine Rain! You cannot escape it. It has been yet another torrentially wet summer here.  This has meant I've not cycle commuted to my new office as much as I'd have liked- the shower still hasnt been plumbed in and we've been there a month now. I've only made the commute three times so far by bike, but the extra 3 miles of solid uphill isnt quite as traumatic as I'd anticipated, Phew!!

But living here and loving a bike, you have to don your waterproof coat and expect some damp feet of evenings and weekends.
Made it out for lunch with some friends, happily missing the huge downpours both cycling out & cycling back.  We watched some cracking thunderstorms from our lunch stop that overlooked the canal ( The Boat Yard Inn ) and I watched the rain pelt my trusty Raleigh Steed.  My sponge-like saddle was a tad damp on the return leg, but freewheeling through the puddles all the way home gave me the biggest smile! Dont you love puddle peddling :-)

There were bigger, deeper puddles than this further on!! Leeds Liverpool Canal in JUNE

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