Sunday, 1 April 2012

30 days of biking begins

April 1st - the third year of 30 days of biking starts today.  I'm determined to make it this time, no matter what the weather... and we have snow & sub-zero temperatures forecast, bobbins!

Already had a good week of cycling to & from work since the crazy fuel situation in england this week. Peddling past queues of cars waiting to top up is alright if you're riding about in the sunshine & only have a work commute ahead. If it had happened in winter I'm not so sure I'd have felt quite the same way.  Hopefully that and this month filled with riding every day, plus the soon to be ready cycling facilities at work will mean my bike will be commuting much more this year.

So my first ride for April was an easy one in the sunshine at the park with my better half too.  Here's to 29 more days smiling as I ride!!

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