Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The rapidly vanishing year

2017 is not the year for cycling for me. Life is doing life things and grounding me. Plus I've failed to find a suitable toddler bike seat that fits my bikes safely - the best attempt had the seat behind the rear axle making it tip when going uphill. I live somewhere too hilly and busy to go for a cargo bike and cant afford the cost for anything e-assisted so I've mostly done walking with the tot. But at least that's still adventurous :-)

But this last week I've managed to get out on two lovely rides. One evening jaunt with a friend and a rare cycle just with the husband along. Both were Pendle Hill orientated, but that is always a good thing.

I can tell that the ride I'm leading at the weekend is going to hurt. 20 miles with 3100ft of off road climbing. I think I was being optimistic when I pencilled that in.

2017 so far is about walks and picking up my flute & recorder consort again. 

And another shot of Pendle Hill from the ride with the husband just for good measure - this time from the other side.

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