Sunday, 8 February 2015

Full term adventure

I was off to a Cyclenation meeting yesterday afternoon in Hebden Bridge, so since it's just over the hill, I decided I would give myself plenty of time to ride the over. Only one significant climb (about 600ft in 2 miles) and the rest is just bimbling around on the tops before a cracking descent through Hardcastle Craggs.

I got to the top of the first climb to discover my camera batteries were flat, so only had my phone to take photos. Not great, but better than nowt. 

My first breather and a drink- I stood up, stretched and drank as two cyclists rolled past me, said 'hello,' complimented my non-stop climb up the series of chevrons (which I'd not takled since June on the day I found out I was pregnant), then both promptly stopped when they noticed my bump.

After a quick chat, they were on their way and I admired the view some more. The road up here had some icy patches left, so I took care and enjoyed as much freewheeling as I could and was passed by one other cyclist (getting overtaken is something I've had to get accustomed to whilst pregnant).

The misty skies began to clear up as I rolled alongside the shore of Widdop Reservoir.

I turned at the track for Walshaw & Lancashire Moor and wheeled right past the sign saying 'no mountain bikes'... after all I was not on a mountain bike.
I've never ventured up to the reservoirs here before, but I'd planned this as my picnic lunch stop. The service road was still snowy with some very slippery ice patches, so I went slow and dismounted to walk at a couple of treacherous points. I had the place to myself and found a nice dry, clean wooden style to perch on for my lunch.

From the hamlet of Walshaw it was all downhill into Hardcastle Craggs and to say it was a cold day, there were loads of people walking in the woods. I even had to queue in the cafe to pick up a slice of Yorkshire curd tart to take home with me.
By the time I'd reached the bottom of the hill my toes were chilly. I had also arrived in good time, so sat in the quare listening to a busker play some lovely classical guitar for a while.

After the meeting and a quick tonic water in Trades (who were delightfully playing The Timewarp (film version)), I got the train back home.

A lovely 15 miles in total with 2200ft of ascent (2400ft of descent). It felt wonderful being back over in Calderdale enjoying one of my favourite rides. Who knows when I'll next be able to get out, full-term is just a tedious waiting game. Everyone is telling me to take it easy & enjoy the rest, which I know is very sensible, but the back of my mind is wondering if each cycling adventure will be the last one for a while.


  1. Thanks for sharing your ride with us Georgie....

  2. A lovely ride. We're coming up to Hebden Bridge camping for a week in September. Never been there before so looking forward to it.

    1. Are you stopping behind The New Delight pub? It's a really lovely spot. Even if you aren't around there is fantastic for walking.
      If you want any ideas for walks or rides or pub advice, let me know. I enjoy the ride on the Rochdale Canal in both directions- going to Hollingworth Lake is a very pretty ride indeed and there's plenty of lunch stops at that end. Heading out towards Sowerby Bridge, there's cycle paths that run parallel to the canal which offer slightly different views. Then there's the hills.... lots of very steep ones! A walk up to Hardcastle Craggs is also lovely from the centre of HB along the river to start with (Little Switzerland).