Sunday, 11 January 2015

Windy Days

Unless I'm commuting (which includes a 7 mile stretch into a full on headwind), I LOVE cycling in the wind. And this weekend has been very blustery indeed.
So I took myself off to join the ctc's extra-short ride yesterday morning. Alas, nobody else turned up and the leader wasn't too well, so I ended up having a solo ride exploring some different lanes around Pendle and popped in to see some relatives for a catch up (and brews & biscuits).
An easy 19 miles with a mere 1450ft of climbing (under par for my usual rides, but I chose some lower level routes to avoid the worst buffeting on national speed limit roads). 

The wind certainly helped push me up one or two hills that took no effort & I even had to holler 'watch out' to two lasses crossing a road who hadn't seen me approaching as I flew up a road with some strong gust assistance (they crossed from behind some parked vehicles at a diagonal angle & did apologise). And I certainly had to pedal hard on most downhills - so very little freewheeling.

I'd felt my blood pressure was more normal this last week, so thoroughly enjoyed the time pedaling since I've been taking it easy recently.
And with my bump increasing in size, and only a few weeks left before I'm due, the cycling felt just as easy as normal; definitely easier than walking and less disconcerting than when driving (when any big movements feel incredibly weird - there's much less moving around going on when I'm pedaling).  


  1. Good stuff! There'll be more wind when your new one's born!
    I'm still waiting for my chick to hatch!

  2. 19 miles and a few weeks to go, I take my hat off to you.