Monday, 15 September 2014

Half Commutes & short leisure rides

Last week was epic. It already feels a distant memory.

This week has been made of half commutes and short rides for the South Pennine Walk & Ride Festival.

 What are half commutes? Well every day this week Stephen has been out of the office in the morning, but in the office for afternoons. Simply I cycled in to work in the morning and chucked my bike in Stephen's car for the return. Yes I felt a massive cycling cheat, but when your commute is 15 miles each way it really saves some time at the end of the day & means you get your tea time at a sensible hour.

The weekend consisted of four short festival rides.

Another sunset ride saw the sun appear just in time for the ride. It was only four miles, but it's an enjoyable little route up to The Halo at Haslingden.


Saturday's family ride was beautifully sunny and yesterday was the two loops around Tockholes (which counts as two rides... I suppose the ride home actually makes it three for the day).

I'm planning my next ride for tomorrow, but am unable to get it under 50 miles. I'm trying to take things a bit easier since last week I was plagued by incredible sleepiness. The main issue with pregnancy cycling & my dream rides is keeping them realistic and trying to not take too much out of my body. I'm fighting off ideas for bike-packing trips before the end of summer, but it is tough, there's just so many lovely places to visit around here and I dont think riding through any frost this winter would be terribly sensible.
 My cycling daydreams will have to be confined to bicycle accessorising ie recovering my saddles to make them asthetically awesome for each bike and sewing up some nice saddle bags. 

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