Monday, 27 January 2014


It's been wet. Very wet. So wet & blustery I've not been cycle commuting to work for a week (getting blown around when cars are about is not my idea of fun).
I've been going stircrazy through not riding. In a super grumpy mood.
But yesterday's club ride came along and the forecast was terrible, I had hoped nobody would turn up, but six of us blasted round the Guild Wheel and actually I really enjoyed it :-)

And today at work, I managed a quick ten minute blast around the hills through some very long puddles. Two were at least 20 foot across so I pushed as hard as I could, lifted my feet up and clear of any splashed & hoped that I could make it through without needing to pedal any again. Best way to spend part of my lunch break.
Tomorrow looks bobbins again. Here's to cycling on Weds.

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