Monday, 16 September 2013

Farewell to Summer once more

Summer seems to have come to a close very quickly this year.
Totem poles in Salford
Before I went on my camping trip, flowers were in bloom & I couldnt get away from butterflies. Since I got back afew weeks ago, everything seems to have lost its colour, nature is getting all autumn and it's dark almost as soon as I've eaten my tea each evening! It doesnt seem like two minutes since we did the NCN6 from Manchester into the Pennines in glorious sunshine.

The Big One

The Blackpool Illuminations ride of course heralded the end of the summer and the last picnic of the year was spent at St Anne's after a quick paddle in the outdoor pool before sunset.

A group of us met and ate home-made chocolate fudge cake whilst waiting  for the traffic to be banished from the seafront to enable a river of bikes to enjoy the illuminations (now in its 101st year).

The sea was in at Blackpool!
Blackpool Tower

River Calder
Our last post-work bike date out for tea had us lighting up as soon as we'd left the pub.
And this year I'll be investing in some bright lights for off roading in the dark on my way home from work.

Jubilee Tower, Darwen

The weather has also taken a turn for the worst, but this year I've toughened up even more and the wet hasnt stopped me riding to work or getting out on those hills (yet).

Ski gloves, scarves, dubbing your boots. Farewell summer, you've gone fast this year, but thanks for the sunshine & going easy on those headwinds this year.

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  1. It's not Autumn until you get that Autumn smell of wet dead leaves and spider cobwebs as you walk to the pub for "the last hour"!