Sunday, 24 March 2013

Winter is hanging on tight

This time last year we had a heatwave, in fact March was our summer.  But I think this year I'm hardier than I have been before. The cold conditions have not kept me off my bike or away from the hills. I must be living up to the tradition of the Rough Stuff Fellowship ahead of my appointment as Lancs Area Secretary - which I think means I can't chicken out on rides when the weather is bobbins.

Blacko Tower from Clarion House

For those people at work who said that I have a 'healthy glow' this week - it's just wind-burn from cycling & walking in minus conditions with wind speeds in the 30s and gusts in the 40s.

Two Rough Stuff rides, two hill walks and some grotty commutes have kept me in check this week. I have been toying with the idea of aiming for some Audax achievements this year, so I'm getting myself in gear.

Last week I took a day off to play in the hills over Rossendale & Bury, discovering bridleways I didn't know about before. From up so high you can see the weather coming in to get you! We got lucky only had a short bust of snow.

Spring had threatened to spring early this week...

But that all changed... 

Newchurch in Pendle
 It does make for lovely scenery though.
Pendle Hill

Descent to Downham
Whalley Nab, Waddington Fell & Clitheroe Castle


  1. Yes you were not only RSF group to find snow on yesterday club ride, we found alot when we did the pass from Sadgill in Longsleddale over to Stile End in the Kentmere Valley.

    Well done in voluteering to become the next Lancashire Group Secretary,I known quite a few past Lancashire Group Secretaries and you will do good job in keeping the group going over next few years.

  2. I found your blog via MG's Chasing Mailboxes... wonderful images!

    1. Hi Tony, Thanks - I love winter photos the best. Much as I love cycling in summer, its just not quite as magical as the dramatic variation of winter